Should you choose soft chair or firm chair?

Should you choose soft chair or firm chair?

Why you should choose Automail's chair? Our chair are made from firm foam material for superior ergonomic support.

In comparison, an excessively soft seat can lead to poorer posture. The softer consistency lacks the structure to support the curve of your back. It can restrict movement as well, decreasing circulation and blood flow. Over time, you’ll find yourself slouching in your seat as your spine bends from its natural “S” shape into a “C”. A soft seat also makes it harder for your body to relax, because your muscles tense up in an effort to hold yourself up. This translates into a stiff neck and shoulders after long hours.

Sitting puts up to three times more pressure on the discs at the base of your spine than standing does, so it’s imperative that your seat be able to relieve some of that stress.

Automail offers the best chair and best price for you, comes packaged with magnetic memory foam head pillow, say good bye to those head pillow with strap. Everyone deserves a good chair!


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