Frequently Asked Questions

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About Automail Chair

Everyone deserves a good chair. 


We offer the best chair with best value. You cannot find a chair in the market comes packaged with Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow (say good bye to head pillow with strap) and Built-in Adjustable Lumbar Support (only available for LEGENDS series) and still comes packaged with Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow at our price offered.


Automail chair have been extensively tested for safety and interference, and passed our quality control check before we sent to you.


Choose Automail, so you get the best chair and best value when you buy from us.

Our Automail chair upholsteries have been engineered for different properties. Although both offer excellent seating experience, there are different considerations.

Here’s a look at how they differ:

Automail PU Leather is water-resistant — it won’t soak up liquid, so common spills are easily cleaned up.

We recommend this over Automail Fabric+ if you eat frequently at your desk and are prone to accidents.

If you perspire easily or work in a non-air-conditioned environment, you might choose Automail Fabric+. High-strength yarn fibers are looped tightly for durability, but they still allow air to flow through for unmatched breathability. We’ve improved on the breathability of Fabric+ as well, so you stay cool during the long summer days.

Automail PU Leather requires only the occasional wipe-down to keep it in tip-top condition, and a slightly damp microfiber cloth should make quick work of dirt and light stains.

Automail Fabric+ requires less cleaning, and loose particles are easily vacuumed up. However, any stains will be tougher to remove. 

Once your order has been delivered, we’ll send you an email containing an assembly video and guide. You can also find them on our Chair Assembly Page 

The assembly video and guide will walk you through each step of assembly. We strongly recommend that you watch this before attempting to assemble your Automail chair as it contains vital safety information and tips that will make your assembly process smoother. Most users take about 20 minutes to assemble their chair.

If you run into any issues during assembly, please contact us to Our support team will be in touch shortly. 

We offer the best seating experience with best value to you to provide additional comfort and superior ergonomic support, our Automail chair comes packaged with Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow, Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow.


Delivery is Free of Charge.

Assembly fee is $20 per chair.

However we strongly encourage you to assemble Automail chair by yourself to experience the process of assembly your personal chair.

Warranty, Return and Refund

Our warranty policy can be summarized as follows:

  • Up to 5-years extended warranty on all functionality portions of the chair. Aesthetic defects and damage due to misuse of the chair are not covered.
  • Wear and tear are not covered
  • Submit a warranty claim to with image/video attachments of relevant affected area.
  • Automail reserves the final right in determining if a benefit under the warranty can be claimed. 

Please refer to Warranty Page for more details.

The Automail 5-Year Extended Warranty Program is only available to Automail chair.


If you have purchased a Automail chair, simply post a photo of your new chair on social media — including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube or Twitch — with the hashtag #automailchair. Make sure your post is set to public, and then submit the post URL on our Warranty Extension page.


You should receive an email update within 3 working days.